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Baby in Basket at St. Luke’s/Presbyterian

Posted: February 26, 2008
Source: Channel 7 - the Denver Channel

DENVER – Police are investigating the death of a baby found in a basket near Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center on Tuesday night. Investigators say someone used the hospital call box and a security guard found a baby girl inside a basket. The child was pronounced dead by medical staff. Denver Police say it is unclear how the baby died or how old she is.

Under Colorado’s Safe Haven law, parents can drop off their children within 72 hours of birth at a hospital or a fire station. “It’s not enough to leave the baby outside a hospital or a fire station” said Linda Prudhomme, executive director of Colorado Safe Haven for Newborns, a non-profit group that tries to spread the word about the law, “There needs to be face-to-face to make sure the baby is taken care of.”

She encouraged people to talk about the law. The law is a good one, and very clear, but not enough people know about it, Prudhomme said. “Talk about it. You don’t know who might need to know. No one plans to have this problem.

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Woman sentenced after hiding dead newborn in college dorm room

Posted: October 26, 2007
Source: Colorado Safe Haven for Newborns

DOUGLAS COUNTY- Prosecutors say 18-year old Addie Kubisiak gave birth in a car last fall while returning to her home from Western State College in Gunnison. Police eventually found the decomposed body of the baby in Kubisiak’s dorm room in January.

In April, prosecutors reduced the first-degree murder charge to concealing a death. A plea agreement was reached Friday. Kubisiak will perform 50 hours of community service, have supervised probation for two years and receive mandatory mental health counseling.

Baby Left at Colorado Springs Police Station

Posted: August 7, 2007
Source: Colorado Safe Haven for Newborns

COLORADO SPRINGS- Police are searching for the mother of a newborn baby that was dropped off at a Colorado Springs police station on Saturday. Police say the baby is in good condition but they worry about the condition of the mother and whether she is receiving proper medical care.

Colorado’s Safe Haven law protects parents from prosecution if they drop off a newborn at any fire station or hospital. Police stations are not covered under the law because they may not be able to provide emergency medical treatment.

Governor proclaims Safe Haven for Newborns Day

Posted: April 7, 2007
Source: Colorado Safe Haven for Newborns

First Lady Jeannie Ritter read a proclamation at the state capitol today, making this Safe Haven for Newborns Day. Colorado’s Safe Haven law allows a parent to anonymously give an unwanted newborn to an employee at a fire station or hospital without fear of prosecution for abandonment. “Today is about raising awareness about this law,” Ritter said.

Also on Tuesday, the House unanimously supported a resolution by Rep. Jim Riesberg, D-Greeley, that encourages high schools and colleges to educate students about the Safe Haven law. A day earlier, the Senate supported the same resolution, by Sen. Suzanne Williams, D-Aurora. Riesberg said, “The law provides a compassionate approach to saving the lives of innocent babies.”

Old truck yields horror

Posted: August 11, 2006
Source: Colorado Safe Haven for Newborns

STRASBURG - Greg Korb bought a broken-down pickup truck for Wednesday in hopes of finding a salvageable motor. Instead, he found a dead baby in a box in the littered bed of the truck. Investigators on Thursday arrested 23-year-old Christy Lee Cole, who admitted being the mother of the baby, for investigation of first-degree murder and child abuse.

While emptying trash from the bed of the truck, Korb found an open plastic bag that was filled with leaves. Also inside was a small box that contained the decomposed body of an infant.

Cole is believed to have delivered the child full term, or near full term, in October 2005. Cole had not told neighbors that she was expecting a baby and they hadn’t noticed that the young woman was pregnant.

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