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Safe Haven Baby Thanks Her ‘Tummy Mommy’ For Her ‘Really Good Life’

Posted: June 11, 2015
Source: CBS 4

A dozen years ago a young mother gave up her newborn. She handed the baby girl to two firefighters at a Westminster fire station and drove away. That “fire station baby” recently shared her story with CBS4. Halle Burke hopes to find her birth mother and thank her for giving her “a really good life” with her adoptive parents.

“Because there’s a lot of women, people, who are afraid to have babies and when they do they make bad choices about it, but my tummy mommy made a really, really good choice,” Halle said.

Halle was also reunited with the firefighters who took her in.

Watch Halle’s interview on CBS 4.

Newborn baby girl safe after being dropped off at Lakewood fire station.

Posted: January 27, 2015
Source: Colorado Safe Haven for Newborns

Firefighters reported that a middle-aged couple left a newborn baby girl. They couple said the baby had been given to them by a woman at a WalMart parking lot who said she didn’t want the baby any more. The baby was transported to the hospital and is doing well.

Colorado’s Safe Haven law allows a parent to hand over a newborn infant to a firefighter or hospital employee, with no questions asked. The law doesn’t apply in this case because the baby must be relinquished by a parent, not a stranger. Linda Prudhomme, with Colorado Safe Haven for Newborns said, “Happily, this baby is OK, but the mother could have saved precious minutes if she’d taken advantage of the Safe Haven law and gone to the fire station herself.”

Lakewood police are trying to substantiate the couple’s story. Police spokesman Steve Davis said if the couple turns out to be a close relative of the baby, and made up the story about the mother in the parking lot, then no charges will be pursued.

Watch the ABC 7 Video Report

Newborn Abandoned in Sink at Church

Posted: March 19, 2011
Source: CBS 4

DENVER-An infant was left in a bathroom sink at St. Dominic’s Catholic Church during a lent service Friday. It is not believed that the baby was delivered there. The baby was alive and rushed to a Denver hospital. Police are investigating the incident as child abuse. The Safe Haven law protects parents from prosecution if the baby is taken to a hospital or fire station and handed to an employee.

Watch the video on CBS 4

Christmas Eve Baby Left at Fire Station

Posted: December 28, 2010
Source: Colorado Safe Haven for Newborns

PUEBLO - A newborn infant boy was surrendered a t a fire station in Pueblo on Christmas Eve. The baby was delivered at home and appeared to have been born healthy about 20 minutes before being taken to the station.

Every fire station in Pueblo has a sign in English and Spanish about the Safe Haven law, which says a mother can legally surrender custody of a newborn to a person at any hospital or fire station, anonymously if she chooses. The program is in place to deter a mother from abandoning a child in a way that places the baby at risk. “We participate in this program for this very reason,” Chief Christopher Riley states. “We are here to ensure a safe surrender, avoiding an unsafe abandonment.”

“This mother knew she could take her baby to a safe place where it would be adopted by a loving family,” said Colorado Safe Haven for Newborns Executive Director, Linda Prudhomme. “I can’t think of a better Christmas gift.

La Plata County receives its first Safe Haven Baby

Posted: October 16, 2010
Source: Colorado Safe Haven for Newborns

DURANGO - A newborn baby boy was dropped off last month at a fire station in Ignacio, the first time Colorado’s “safe haven” law has been used in La Plata County.

The Legislature passed the law in 2000 to allow parents to drop off a child at a fire station or a hospital within 72 hours of birth. The law was created to give parents a legal way to relinquish a baby anonymously rather than abandon the child in an unsafe way. Parents who use the law are not required to provide any information about themselves – they can simply give the baby to a firefighter or a hospital staff member, said Linda Boulder, attorney for La Plata County Human Services.

The Colorado Department of Human Services knows of 29 babies abandoned under the safe haven law from the time it was enacted through 2009, said Liz McDonough, spokeswoman for the agency. “I think the law has gained awareness,” McDonough said. “Every time a child is safely dropped off, I think the law proves its worth.”

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